Sunrise Beach Trip

May 15, 2015

Yesterday marked the end of the school year as well as my freshman year of college. To celebrate, CCF (Chinese Christian Fellowship) and I went to Long Branch Beach, NJ to watch the sunrise. Initially, I wasn't too keen on having to roll out of my warm bed at 2 am and brave the cold, but it was such a lovely time and so worth it.

It's one thing to see a picture of a sunrise, but a completely different thing to experience it in person. As I huddled with my friends under blankets and watched the sun peek above the horizon, I was just overwhelmed with how beautiful the world is. I've found that I can get caught up and distracted with life's craziness and forget to step back and breathe; this trip was a reminder to me to remember to stop and enjoy the beautiful world God's placed me in.

Freshman year has been a whirlwind of unbelievable stress and excitement; if I could sum up all that's happened in a few words, they would be "growing pains". Being in college and having to start over both socially and academically has stretched me further than I'd ever have anticipated. From balancing classes (and almost failing a few!) and extracurriculars to dealing with anxiety and trying to find my circle of friends, I've come to learn that I can't do it all my own. There have been countless times over the year where I've broken down crying in my dorm room because I was so frustrated with how things weren't going "right". 

It's been an uphill battle, but I've learned that I can't try to control the direction my life goes; I can plan and plan all I want but ultimately it isn't up to me. This year God restored my previously estranged and bitter relationship with him and taught me to hand my all of my worries and fears over to him. 

I used to be consumed by fear and easily overwhelmed by life's hurdles and I still have a tendency to let stress swallow me whole, but when I feel anxious, I'm reminded of this quote by Tim Tebow: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future."

When taking pictures of the sunrise, I came to the realization that the God who painted this majestic scene is the very same one who planned my future. I don't have to worry or obsessively detail out every step of my life anymore, because nothing I can come up with can ever compare to the masterpiece he already has painted for me.

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