Lessons from Meteor Showers

August 29, 2015

Did any of you catch the meteor shower a few weeks ago? I stayed up until 1 am, lying on a blanket, snuggled under a sleeping bag with my best friends, hoping to catch a glimpse of one. I was fortunate enough to see not one, but five meteors streaking across the night sky - so quickly that if you blinked you would miss them. It was breathtaking and it was awesome and I'm a little miffed at myself for never bothering to experience a meteor shower until now. There's something about lying in an open area and staring up at the endless night sky that makes you realize truly how tiny you are and truly how immense the universe we live in is.

But before I say anymore, let me tell you a little about my best friends. I've known these girls for pretty much my entire life and I'm beyond grateful for them. I believe that there are few blessings are quite as sweet or as wonderful as a solid sisterhood grounded in His love. My best friends are like family to me and while we don't have a traditional "best friendship", with the 24/7 texting or seeing each other all the time, I'm fully confident that our bond will last a lifetime. Why am I mentioning my friends? It's because one of the things I love about them is that they are a constant source of insight and encouragement for me; you'll see what I'm talking about.

So there we were, lying under the stars at midnight, heads snug against each other, straining our eyes for any sign of a meteor. We had just witnessed one shoot across the sky and squealed so loudly we were probably the neighborhood nuisances. It was like a scene straight out of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This was when T said something mind-blowingly insightful; after we had quieted down from the high, she turned her head to look at us and said, "You know what I just realized seeing a meteor shower is like? Seeing one is like witnessing God do something so amazing and beautiful in your life and after it's done you're so excited for him to do another awesome thing in your life that you can't stop looking around for it." 

Crazy right? I've never thought about God's blessings like that but it is so true. While we're in the midst of having so much love lavished on us, all we want to do is shout for joy and tell any and everybody about how wonderful our God is. We wish for those around us to know the God we know and be able to experience the same outpouring of love and goodness we are. In the same way, when we witness something as awe-worthy as a star streaking across the sky, all we want to do is squeal and point everyone else toward it so they can experience the excitement and awe we're feeling. 

But just like a meteor sighting, every time of blessing unfortunately comes to an end and it's not long before we find ourselves craning our heads upward waiting and watching for the next one. Sometimes it's a short wait, but sometimes it takes a long time. I know for me personally, when I'm in the valleys of my spiritual journey, there are times I feel as though discouraged; like perhaps God has forgotten about me. Maybe that shooting star was the last one, maybe that was the last of good things to happen to me. 

It was nearing one and we had gone quite a while without seeing another meteor; we were getting sleepy and debating whether or not to go back inside when suddenly, out of nowhere another star flew across, illuminating the night sky. Dear friends, when you feel like you've done nothing but wait for a glimpse of God's glory, keep waiting. Right when you least expect it, when you feel like giving up, his goodness will flood over you and inundate you with his love.

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