Reflections from See You at the Pole

September 23, 2015

As you may or may not know, today is See You at the Pole, a time where brothers and sisters in Christ can gather together and freely raise our voices in prayer and worship up to Jesus. For me, although SYATP was something that was observed in high school, I never saw what was the big deal about it. I never went because I thought it was too early and that my sleep and comfort should take priority. 

But today when I was standing, hand-in-hand with my brothers and sisters and crying out to God on behalf of our university and our world, I started crying uncontrollably. I had never realized until now just how blessed and privileged I was to be able to stand outside in the open and pray aloud to God. I never have to watch my back and worry if each word I spoke would be my last. Right now in Syria, there are young children and their families being murdered on the spot for refusing to denounce the name of Jesus. And here I am, able to loudly sing his praises while my little brothers and sisters in Christ are being slaughtered by the hundreds. It's insane how blessed we are to live in a country where our right to believe in whatever we want is protected. Never take that for granted.

While I was praying, I felt God speak to me. I felt like there was a message that he wanted me to convey specifically to one of my friends, but I think that it's something everybody needs to hear. 

Dear friend, what God wants you to know is that first and foremost he loves you. He loves you more deeply and more ardently than you could ever fathom. He sees all your flaws and shortcomings but none of that could ever make him adore you less. You are his beloved child and you were painstakingly created to be great. Our Daddy in heaven knows your heart friend; he knows all the pain and all the suffering you've had to endure in your time here on earth and he knows all those times you've felt alone or just wanted someone to be there. He wants you to know that he was there with you, sitting right beside you with his arms wrapped tightly around you. 

He knows that the world has failed you, that the church has failed you, that those closest to you have failed you and his heart breaks. But he wants you to know that despite everyone around you failing you, not once has he ever failed you and that he will never ever leave you. Don't listen to the lies that the world tells you; don't give in to those feelings that tell you that you're worthless, that you're unloved, that you're alone. Don't listen to the world when it tells you that God hates you or that you're too far off the path to ever come back. Our Father is for you and not against you. He wants to restore your soul and heal the emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds that have been inflicted on you but he can't unless you yourself want him to and you let him. 

For my Christian friends; there is truly nothing more beautiful or more joyous than to know Jesus; that's something that I cannot stress enough. Your love story with him should be so wonderful that you can't help but share it with everyone you see. As Christians, we should be almost annoying about how much we talk about Jesus. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than having that security and comfort in our Savior. I pray for you and myself, that we would be bold and brave in our faith. That God would break our hearts for what breaks his and that he would change our ways of thinking about and seeing the world to how he thinks about and sees it. There is so much brokenness and loneliness in our communities, and what's the point of the Church if we aren't out there on the front lines healing and restoring the hurt and broken? We are backed by an almighty God and there is literally nothing that we can't do with him by our side. 

So what are we waiting for?

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